Message from Hawaiʻi Market Business Leader

Sustainability is core to both our strategy and our culture

Sandra Larsen

Market Business Leader, AES Hawai‘i

Along with being the world’s most remote populated location, Hawai‘i is also the most dependent on imported oil to generate electricity for our homes, businesses, and facilities. AES Hawai‘i is committed to helping our state change that unenviable distinction with a multitude of projects producing clean, renewable energy.  

Energy independence is key to enhancing Hawai‘i’s livability, affordability, and sustainability for all of us to have a healthy environment where future generations can thrive. AES Hawai‘i’s array of clean energy projects are utilizing the power of solar, wind, hydroelectric, and battery energy storage to support our state’s goal of having 100% renewable energy on the grid by 2045.  

Developing clean energy projects that eliminate fossil fuels and rely on our natural resources for electricity is vital to protecting the health of our islands and mitigating the effects of climate change.  

Leading this effort for the AES Hawai‘i team are homegrown professionals who embrace our local values, cherish our local way of life, and are committed to preserving the qualities that make our beloved Hawai‘i so incredibly special, including the energy we need to power our daily lives.  

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For Hawai‘i’s future

Accelerating clean growth and innovation

Growth in renewables and energy storage is core to AES’ strategy.

For the people of AES Hawai‘i

Our team is striving for the greatest possible impact to support Hawai‘i’s energy future

Our people are passionate about meeting the world’s current and future energy needs.


For Hawai‘i’s communities

Partnering with communities for the future of energy

We commit to strengthening positive impact through socioeconomic and environmental partnerships that improve lives today and in the future.


Our featured projects

Since 1992, AES Hawaiʻi has provided low-cost energy to the islands, serving as a partner with Hawaiian Electric and the Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative to provide the energy and infrastructure solutions Hawaiʻi needs. Across the Hawaiian Islands, we’re helping the state to accelerate its transition to a 100% renewable energy future with facilities that provide more than 360 MW of clean energy by safely harnessing the natural power all around us.

We continue to look for new opportunities to help Hawaiʻi realize a greener future and greater diversity in its energy portfolio to meet our islands’ energy needs. AES Hawaiʻi is committed to helping Hawai'i attain its long-term clean energy goals and build a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generation.


Our sustainability goals

With our 11 projects currently in operation or under development, AES Hawai‘i is benefiting our environment, including:


Offsetting in excess of 29 million barrels of fossil fuel over the projects’ lifecycle


Serving 152,000 homes with clean, renewable energy over the projects’ lifecycle


Contributing to the reduction of 445,000 metric tons of CO2 annually


Creating more than 1,400 local jobs  


Providing over 360 MW and 9.5% of Hawaiʻi's renewable portfolio standard

Pro-forma based on annual generation in MWh from the portfolio as of, or expected by, the relevant date, adjusted for: (i) (+) generation from new assets added to the portfolio; and (ii) (-) actual generation from announced asset sales or retirements

*With our portfolio evolution and shutdowns,  we anticipate a reduction of approximately 25% of all of our scope 1 emissions by 2025, compared to a base year of 2016.