noah gelachio

Noah Gelacio

Noah Gelacio is the Lead Balance of Plant (BOP) Technician for AES Hawaiʻi’s Nā Pua Makani wind project located in Kahuku. He is responsible for onsite project operations and maintenance for Nā Pua Makani as well as assisting with all nearby AES Hawaiʻi renewable projects.

Noah holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northern Arizona University and graduated from Kamehameha Kapālama. 

“Being born and raised Native Hawaiian, witnessing the quick changes happening to my home, made me realize how imperative it is that I get involved to learn about renewable energy and how it supports and aids our local communities. I believe being a pioneer in this field will pay dividends for the future of Hawaiʻi. I feel a sense of kuleana (responsibility) to serve as a beacon for other young Hawaiians and Polynesians wanting to take action in a different way, but still mālama ʻāina (take care of the land). AES Hawaiʻi has broadened my view on the worldly possibilities and opportunities available for other young Native Hawaiians and Polynesians.”